Wholesale Terms & Conditions:


Retailers need to adjust their expectations from typically factory-made commodities to accommodate the variable nature of hand-made products.

Most of our products are hand-made and individually purchased from each artisan who sets their own price.  Despite purchasing/producing baskets at different prices, we have attempted to provide a standard price to you, the retailer. However, keep in mind that hand-made items may vary for any given category/size – on occasions we may give you a discount, while on other occasions we may need to charge slightly more.  It may also mean that for a given price, the baskets comprising your order are of a variable size. Some items are exceptional high quality and are priced accordingly to reflect the additional costs of acquiring them.

Hand-made products may have characteristic blemishes that reflect the imperfections of human endeavour and add to their unique authenticity.


  1. We do NOT offer exclusivity to any vendor or location. We are in the market to compete with other wholesalers for business.

Minimum Order & Mix:

  1. To access wholesale prices we require a minimum order valued at $770 (including GST) – not negotiable. (Introductory minimum order of 10 items is available to new customers).
  2. We do not offer a colour selection or photograph service. Your order will be comprised of a beautiful selection of colours (bright | earthy) and patterns. Natural (undyed) or monochrome baskets can be requested where stock is available.
  3. Monochrome is defined as natural + 1 colour combination, for example, black + natural; ink blue + natural; red + natural etc.
  4. The supplied order form must be fully completed and submitted/emailed for your order to be actioned


  1. Prices do not include GST, which would need to be added
  2. Payment (via cash, direct deposit or credit card) must be received prior to despatch/delivery/collection.


  1. Freight is an additional cost based on the volume and weight of the order. Freight will be advised once order is received. We get competitive rates and prompt delivery by TNT.
  1. Where possible, baskets will be shipped “flat packed” to conserve volume and freight costs.  Reshaping them simply requires you to wet the baskets, mould them back into shape with your hands and let them dry under the sun or fan.  It is worth reshaping them to maximise their beauty and appeal to potential customers.


Baskets are dried and quality checked prior to shipping.  We highly recommend you elect to obtain transit insurance as Afropacific Enterprise accepts no responsibility for:

  1. damage incurred by postal/courier services dragging parcels and causing abrasion.
  2. the development of mould where parcels are opened by the receiver 10 days past the invoice issue date resulting from delays in payment of invoice and/or delays in delivery caused by postal/shipping services.
  3. If mouldy baskets are received within 10 days of the invoice issue date, Afropacific Enterprise will replace the basket/s free of charge providing contact via email is made prior to the expiry of the 10 days and is accompanied by photographs of each affected basket/s.
  4. Afropacific Enterprise recommends baskets be stored in a dry environment with circulating air (industrial dehumidifier and fan). Afropacific Enterprise accepts no responsibility for damage/mould incurred to the baskets as a result of the handling and storage practices of the receiver.
  5. Afropacific Enterprise supplies tags with specific care instructions. Stockists are welcome to rebrand, however, if they don’t use our tags or supply the consumer with our written care instructions (see item 15) at point of sale, we will not guarantee any returns that result from:

a. Abrasion (including dragging; rubbing)
b. Mould (including wet storage or humid climates)
c. Breakages caused by outwardly extending handles; over-bending handles; lifting double handled baskets with one handle; over-loading the basket
d. Fading colours

  1. Written care instructions must include:

Social Media and Images:

  1. Afropacific gives permission for our vendors to use our social media (videos and images) whilst there is an enduring business relationship between us (ie. whilst you continue to stock our products) providing, with each and every use, you:
  2. Acknowledge or reference us as the source of the media
  3. Tag us
  4. Permission to use our media ceases upon cessation of the business relationship.

Placing an order implies acceptance of all the above terms and conditions.